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  Jiaozuo is located in the northwest of Henan Province, north of Taihang Mountain, and Shanxi, Jincheng, bordering the south of the Yellow River, and Zhengzhou, Luoyang across the river, east of Xinxiang, west of Jiyuan.

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  Jiaozuo, China Excellent Tourism City, the birthplace of taijiquan.

  Jiaozuo, as early as 8000 years ago human activities, Zhou is the Gyeonggi Province, Hanoi County of the Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty is pregnant, pregnant with Meng Lu, Huaiqing house, built in 1956, is now under the jurisdiction of Qinyang, Mengzhou two, Wenxian County, Wuzhi, Xiuwu County fraternity, four, liberation, Shanyang in four, Macun city station, and a New District of Jiaozuo, the total area of the city of 4071 square kilometers, the total population of 3 million 666 thousand, of which the urban population of 942 thousand, is one of the most dynamic city in the midwest.

  Jiaozuo is rich and unique tourism resources. The transition zone of Jiaozuo is located in the Taihang Mountains and the North China Plain, at the confluence of subtropical zone and warm temperate zone, the geological structure and the special climatic conditions gives Jiaozuo unique natural landscape tourism resources, the formation of five major scenic spots, ten spots, and spring tour, summer landscape, flowers to see red leaves in autumn and winter on snow "four prominent features, the theme of the overall brand advantage. In the meantime, as if into a magnificent magical geological treasure, like into a fascinating landscape book, taste as mountain, green mountains and rivers, qishanxiushui. There are mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, plains and wetlands. Yuntai Mountain world geological park contains the essence of this beautiful scenery, unique geological structure, perfect landscape unique ensemble, selected the world's first world geological park.


  Jiaozuo historical and cultural source of gathering of talents, long. Jiaozuo is the birthplace of Chinese Taijiquan, China representative "Yang, Wu, Wu, sun, and many other schools of Tai Chi from Chen Jia Gou Wenxian County Chen Taijiquan; Jiaozuo is the word" Bamboo Grove ", statesman, military strategist of the Three Kingdoms period Sima Yi, Tang and Song dynasties at the head of Han Yu, the famous poet Li Shangyin, in the field of music, mathematics, astronomy, calendar created 12 first in the world of the Ming Dynasty" commoner "Prince Zhu Zaiyu and many other historical and cultural celebrities and the birthplace of life. Here is the birthplace of the Yueshan Temple Bajiquan, known as one of the Central Plains "four famous temple"; the Yellow River the Imperial Palace is the emperor Yong Zheng of the Qing Dynasty Jia Ying Guan the Yellow River governance Chijian palace; full of the spirit of Shakya Mani temple is placed Buddha relics. Many famous hometown, historic sites, all show the heavy accumulation of Jiaozuo landscape culture and endless charm.

  Jiaozuo Tianbao, rich and populous. After the new Chinese was founded, Jiaozuo has been the national famous high-yield grain area, under the jurisdiction of counties has all become the national standard of summer county, in 1998 to achieve a summer grain yield of one thousand pounds, and become the North China first tons of food city. Here rich Huai yam, Rehmannia glutinosa, Achyranthes bidentata, Huai chrysanthemum, is the "four Huai medicine" origin, at home and abroad.

  Jiaozuo tourism reception facilities, excellent service, the existing National A-class tourist area more than 12, the national 5A level scenic spots 3 (Yuntai Mountain, Shennong mountain, Qingtian River), is one of the largest cities in the national 5A scenic spot; 4A scenic spot 4 (Jia Yingguan, harmony free temple, film and television City, Chen Jiagou); 3A scenic spot 3 (Han Yu cemetery, Mu Jia Zhai ecological tourism zone, Mengniu industrial tourism area); 2A Scenic Spot 2 (Zhu Zaiyu memorial hall, stone Buddha Temple). Jiaozuo existing 33 star hotels (including five star 1, four star 3, 20 three-star hotels, two class 7, one star class 2), there are 112 travel agencies, tourism employees 300 thousand people, has launched the landscape tour, historical and cultural tourism, leisure entertainment and fine lines, favored by tourists. In 2014 the city received a total of 32 million 988 thousand and 100 domestic and foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue 26 billion 150 million yuan, an increase of 11.63% and 12.14% respectively, Jiaozuo tourism has become the Henan province and the country a shining name card.

  Jiaozuo convenient transportation, accessibility strong. The road density of 83.9 kilometers per 100 square kilometers, at the national leading level; within the county expressway, two townships, every village access circuit, the one hour traffic circle to achieve between the various scenic spots; expressway and Xinzheng International Airport, Luoyang Airport opened up, only 1 hours; the zone, too, Jiao Xin, Hou Yue, Jiao the 4 railway passing through, being built in Zhengzhou to Jiaozuo intercity railway will be completed by the end of 2014 and put into use, the Zhengzhou to Jiaozuo time is shortened to 25 minutes. Expressway, trunk road, railway, aviation, three-dimensional transportation network has been formed. West east gas transmission project, the South North Water Transfer Project, and other national key projects from Jiaozuo, has become a well-known tourist destination, investment hot land, home paradise.

  In recent years, the Jiaozuo municipal Party committee and municipal government unswervingly implement the "tourism" strategy, through the cultivation of "Tai Chi holy land, landscape Jiaozuo two world-class brand of cultural tourism, cultural tourism industry continue to increase investment, accelerate the scenic Chong A work, continue to improve the tourism infrastructure and supporting facilities, strong to carry out propaganda and cultural tourism promotion. To improve the quality of tourism services, vigorously building an internationally renowned tourist city and a series of measures to effectively promote the rapid and healthy development of the tourism industry," Jiaozuo landscape "fame," Jiaozuo phenomenon "renowned at home and abroad," Jiaozuo service "caused widespread concern in the community. The development of the tourism industry has greatly promoted the Jiaozuo industrial upgrading, to improve the environment and improve people's livelihood, promote the development of Jiaozuo economy, has greatly changed the appearance of the city and the external image, former coal into 100 China city tourism competitiveness Chinese outstanding tourist city, and realized the transformation from "black impression" to "green theme".

  Welcome to Jiaozuo tourism!