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  We provide you with the telephone inquiry service, let you quickly understand the common telephone information.

Scenic advisory telephone:

    Yuntai Mountain scenic area: 0391-7709001

    Shennong Mountain Scenic Area: 0391-5036466

    Qinglong Gorge scenic area: 0391-7803315

    Jiaozuo Film City: 0391-2903168

    Green Tianhe scenic area: 0391-8972910



    The enquiry office train station: 0391-2565362

    The tourist bus station information desk: 0391-2629095

    Car passenger terminal inquiry office: 0391-2981155

    Tourism consulting, travel agency business: 0391-7709300

Emergency complaint:

    Travel complaints: 0391-7709001

    Emergency: 0391-7708001

    Shennong Mountain Scenic rescue phone: 0391-5036258

    Shennong Mountain Scenic complaints Tel: 0391-5036466