Yuntai Mountain

Chinese health land, Jiaozuo, Yuntai Mountain

  Henan province is located in the territory of Yuntai Mountain from the provincial capital Zhengzhou 70 kilometers northwest of the city of Jiaozuo Xiuwu County, the total area of 280 square kilometers, including eleven Redstone gorge, waterfall gorge, springs waterfall gorge, Qinglong Gorge, Fenglin gorge, ovary lake, Diecai cave, peak, dogwood, Baijiayan, macaque Valley Wan Shan Temple and other attractions, Taihang Mountain is punishable by a rich water features, geological landscape and the canyon with a long history and culture connotation, scientific value and aesthetic value in a popular eco tourist scenic spots, with steep mountains, the peak valley between the cloud and fog lock perennial Yuntai Mountain.


  The Yuntai Mountain scenic area with best landscape, conservation culture, rooted in Taiji shrine, with herbs, is a cultural landscape seductive, Yangxin, Tai Chi Qi, medicine and health, folk Chinese health cultivation.

Opening hours: Summer: 06:00--17:30; winter: 07:00--17:00 (the opening time is based on the announcement of the scenic spot)

Scenic spots (spots)levelEntrance fee and transportation feeCablewayTelephone number
Yuntai Mountain5APeak season: full fare 210 yuan / person, half price discount ticket 135 yuan / person, off-season: full price ticket 120 yuan / person, half price discount ticket 90 yuan / person,
Qinglong GorgeUnder the management of Yuntai MountainTickets are 30 yuan / person, the fare is 30 yuan / personCableway whole 90 yuan / person, single 60 yuan / person, single 35 yuan / person0391-7803315
Fenglin GorgeUnder the management of Yuntai MountainTickets are 60 yuan / person, the fare is 25 yuan / person, the ticket is 35 yuan / person

(season: March 1st to November 30th, the off-season: December 1st to the end of February next year)

  Free tickets range: serviceman by shibingzheng come or (at the same time to produce military security card), disabled soldiers with military disability certificate, persons with disability, retired cadres retired with a certificate, 65 years of age or older (born before December 31, 1951) ID card / elderly preferential treatment card, or less than 1.4 meters tall 6 years of age (6 years) the following children, a hero, national moral models with valid documents, a member of China photographers association with valid documents.

  Half price tickets range: 6 years (including 6 years) to 18 years (including 18 years of age) minor student ID / ID, full-time undergraduate degree and below the school student ID, aged 60 years old ~64 years old (January 1, 1952 ~1956 born December 31st) ID card / elderly card, above the provincial level the above model and provincial excellent teachers with valid documents.

  Internal transportation area: 60 yuan / person, the internal traffic fee free range: height less than 1.4 meters of children.

  Personal accident insurance: 3 yuan / share, the insured amount is 230 thousand yuan (voluntary purchase).

Note: the scenic tickets and tickets to the separation system, from the ticket is valid in three days, with sightseeing tickets available at designated stops car, with tickets can visit all the attractions open sights, ticket system, total gate, Redstone gorge, waterfall gorge, cornel peak, Wan Shan Temple ticket office, who checks the ticket attractions, tour attractions will not repeat, according to the weather conditions in open or closed, please according to the day of the announcement arrange your trip.

Scenic tickets are divided into full fare tickets, individual tickets at half price, preferential tickets three kinds. (as shown in the following picture:)






1.Please arrange your schedule reasonably and choose the exact date of admission.

2.In order to ensure the success of ticket taking and admission, please make sure to fill in your real name, cell phone number and other information.

3.This scenic spot couplet ticket: Yuntai Mountain big ticket + Yuntai Mountain scenic spot interval traffic.

4.The scenic pass system implementation, ticket at designated stops any car, can visit all open sights, the scenic spots are the ticket, a total of 100 rock gate, Laoshan door, Redstone gorge, waterfall gorge, dogwood peak, Wan Shan Temple etc. the ticket office, who checks the ticket attractions don't repeat the tour, please arrange your itinerary in advance.