Net shadow Temple

  Net shadow temple is located in the junction of Henan Jiaozuo city and Shanxi city of Jincheng, was built in the northern and Southern Dynasties, the ancient Chengxian Valley Temple, King net temple, Song Dynasty was a net shadow temple, history and Baoyan temple, Jindeng temple, temple and other call gate.

  Here is one of Buddhism in the history of Chinese Buddhism, the Sui Dynasty emperor interpretation three masters - net shadow Huiyuan monk learning method and return to the bone. The past many eminent monks in this practice, the five generation of famous painter Jing Hao, the most famous poet Wen and writer Zhao Bingwen have been in seclusion.

  For thousands of years with net Ying Si expansion of rehabilitation, the height of the monks have occupied more than 200 people. The existing temple built in late Qing Dynasty, QianDian seven rooms, the main hall seven and East Hall of the three, with two storey brick, stone and wood mixed construction. The old temple in 60s and 70s served as a shadow Temple Village brigade, the things Peidian walls still can be seen when the red paint brush to write "quotations from Chairman Mao", become a witness to that special time history.

  This temple has also preserved Ming and Qing Dynasties rebuilt several times when the inscriptions can be seen from the creation and repair history as well as the net shadow Temple Temple was the size and number of monks, is Xiuwu County key protect cultural relics. In 2004, Jiaozuo City Highway Bureau in preserving the old temple ruins on the restoration and reconstruction of net invested large shadow temple, temple, king hall, main hall, Jing Lou, Bell Tower and Drum Tower, sengshe, abbot room, far view house Liao homes feiyandougong, into the temple to see row upon row of, a richly ornamented building, beautiful architecture Buddha, solemn, magnificent.



Entrance fee and internal transportation fee:Ticket is 30 yuan per person.