chen village

  Chen village is located in Jiaozuo Wenxian County east breeze Ling, Chen Taijiquan birthplace, six hundred years ago to Chang Yang cun. Ming Hongwu years, Chen Buqian, Shanxi, Zezhou to the village. After Chen's family in the vicinity of population reproduction, martial arts big fame, and the village has a north-south ditch, in the course of time, it is easy to Chang Yang called old Chen Jia gou.


  Here is the revered ancient Taijiquan master Memorial, a ring of Chenjiagou Wushu reputation at home and abroad, a legendary martial arts at Yang Luchan. The front of the memorial hall master plastic Taijiquan originator Chen Wangting statue and the Tai Chi Master stele.

Yang Luchan learn boxing located at Qingfengling, the TV series "Tai Chi Master" tells the story happened here. Yang Luchan is here to worship Chen Changxing as a teacher, and it's the secret of chen.


  In Chenjiagou Wushu, can see the contemporary style Tai Chi boxer. On the four walls of the hall of the martial arts hall, you can see the contemporary Tai Chi Master and the rising star of the panels, so that people can better understand the contemporary Tai Chi culture.


Entrance fee and internal transportation fee:Ticket is 40 yuan per person.