Jia Ying Guan

  Jia Ying Guan, called temple palace, also known as the the Yellow River Dragon King Temple, Emperor Yong Zheng for the governance of the Yellow River flood, Royal offerings to the Dragon King, especially under the edict, the construction of the palace temple. Founded in the first year of Yong Zheng (AD 1723), lasted four years. Jia Ying Guan Jiaozuo is located in the southeast of Henan Wuzhi county 12 kilometers, 35 kilometers away from Jiaozuo City, a total area of 9.3 square kilometers, built in the Qing Dynasty is the first Yong Zheng, Emperor Yong Zheng, Feng Shang Dynasties ritual Alpheus River hero, and the construction of the palace palace, temple, the temple of the Dragon King River three-in-one ya Huang Huai, architectural style of the shape of the Imperial Palace mainly, including the gate, the Royal Pavilion, hall, hall, river hero Yu court, grand scale.


  To worship the Dragon King, Fengshang river mouth dam into a hero, when Emperor Yong Zheng special Xiazhao, for Jia Ying Guan jian. Chen Qi river life thul, like the Imperial Palace, Henan, Yu Jiang sent Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Anhui Province, 5 migrant workers, which lasted four years, be busy at putting up installations, built the village scale, building cluster of pure style of Manchu Jia Ying Guan imitation the Imperial Palace Chijian official, Temple, Ya is a whole body the Qing Dynasty buildings, covers an area of 140 acres, divided into North and south two compound. The North Hospital for ritual Alpheus River palace buildings. In the north-south axis followed by the mountain gate, the Royal Pavilion, Yan temple, in the main hall, pavilion, pavilion Shun Wang Gong instrument. There are two sides of the symmetry of the door, the Royal Horse Pavilion, bell, Drum Tower, changing the hall, the Dragon King Temple, the temple of wind and rain. Things Kuayuan to Taiwan, River Road Station yamen. South of the original theater, paul. Jia Ying Guan in the history of our country is only about the history of Yellow River Temple, Henan province is the best preserved and largest of the Qing Dynasty buildings, rich cultural connotation, is one of the representative of the Yellow River culture.



Entrance fee and internal transportation fee:Ticket is 40 yuan per person.