Jiaozuo Movie Towm

  Jiaozuo Movie Towm, is located in one of the China outstanding tourist city in Henan province in the northwest of Jiaozuo City, 1 kilometers away from the urban area of Jiaozuo, north of Taihang Mountains, south of the Yellow River, the geographical position is superior, in 1995 by the Jiaozuo Municipal People's government invested 230 million yuan to build a film to service, with tourism, culture and entertainment, leisure for other functions, building area of 400 thousand square meters, is the spring and autumn and the Warring States, Qin and Han Dynasties, the period of the Three Kingdoms Cultural Background of antique buildings.

  The main attractions from the Gate Plaza, Zhou palace District, Lingtai, Town Street, Chu palace District, yidaitianjiao District, location area extra film landscape composition.

The national AAAA level scenic spots, national television designated shooting scene, the famous film base China, Chinese ten movie, one of the first nine film base, Henan province service industry standardization demonstration units, Henan Province cultural tourism base, PARKnSHOP photography creation base in Henan Province, the same way network most popular online tourism the scenic area, one of the ten major scenic spots in Jiaozuo City, Jiaozuo City, science education base.

  TV drama "Lao Zi legend", the new version of "outlaws of the marsh", the new version of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", the film "Warring States" and so on.

  Jiaozuo city is located in the northern end of the city of Jiaozuo, 1 kilometers away from the city center, construction area of 400 thousand square meters, is a large-scale cooperation with the Jiaozuo Municipal People's government to build a film and television production base. Movie and Television City hillside, of great momentum, rustic style, perfect facilities, beautiful environment. It is mainly composed of four parts: the gate square, the Royal Palace, the palace and the city. The gate plaza area to the copper Ding, the Western Zhou Dynasty and Qin unification Dongqian large relief, bronze warrior, ancient coin shaped gate, the ancient emperors, and touch the sky Senki six philosophers, four animal sculpture and so on, embodies the movie the historical period of the political culture of color. Zhou Royal Palace, including the Royal Palace, the studio and Lingtai. Zhou palace magnificent momentum, simple and elegant, fully embodies the Central Plains culture simple, rough cultural heritage. Studio construction area of 8230 square meters, to meet the needs of various types of film and television film. Lingtai highest film and Television City, is the ancient emperor of heaven and the activities of heroes. The palace of Chu area fully reflects the rich connotation of Chu culture of the Yangtze Basin, Chu palace beautiful, beautiful Biwa Ko, the hotel of the magnificent, a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, the ancient battlefield of the grand scenes, make people feel comfortable and spectacular comfort. The area reflects the environment of civilian production and living in the spring and Autumn period, yellow mud and thatch, small workshops, unique in the domestic film and television city. Jiaozuo movie city let you full of longing and nostalgia.



Entrance fee and internal transportation fee:Ticket is 30 yuan per person.