Yuan Rong Wu Ai temple

  Harmonious village temple is located in Henan province Jiaozuo City Township Xiuwu County Dangyang village, built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty Yonghe seven years (AD 351 years), "the first East Folk Buddhism monk" Jin, Zhao monk Buddha Cheng Guoshi (231 ~ 351) one of the eight hundred and ninety-three temples created, eleven into the nineteen house two yuan, seven, hall, hospital, museum and a fall seventeen spring, in the construction of "harmonious international meditation center" and "five hundred Luohandong", South Korea also in harmony. Now is the national AAAA class scenic spot, Jiaozuo Buddhist Association resident. Is "part of Yuan Rong Wu Ai temple Cultural Tourism Park core.

  Harmonious Temple (hereinafter referred to as the harmony is the only temple) Chinese punishable by a Buddhist named intergrationism Millennium Temple; South Korea also in harmony; the national AAAA level scenic spots. Located in the state-level cultural relics protection units "in the Northern Song Dynasty porcelain" - Henan city of Jiaozuo province Xiuwu County Dangyang Tongkuangyu northwest ancient kiln sites at Lu Jian Shan, Lu Jian Shan Department of Southern Taihang Mountains, the geographical position richly endowed by nature. The young dragon valley Valley quiet deep, lush vegetation, streams flow through, flowers everywhere, the birds fight in front of the temple in the mountains, green, and gold on the belly, back in nine, Lotus Mountain Natural screen. About dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, Xuanwu and Sasang are now fierce, Yama Izumikiyoshi, battle tin available, has been offered seventeen Dharma Tianlong oasis, the world is blessed Lingshan holy land.


  Which surround sound Yu Shan Temple morning bell and evening drum -- reminders, is paradise adds a bit of charm. The ancients said here as "in Lingshan". The mountain also cause flooding, harmony is the Central Plains Temple Buddhist temple in the only seat west of the east by the mountains of the Millennium Temple; the so-called "harmony", "get rid of bigotry, the successful financing"; "free", "no, no obstacle".

  Harmonious Temple eleven into nineteen, two, seven yuan temple hall, hospital, museum and a fall seventeen spring, in the construction of "harmonious international meditation center" and "five hundred luohandong".

  Dangyangyu Kiln Museum a total construction area of 4300 square meters, including the exhibition hall project to show Jiaozuo song generation fifty-two kilns and precious porcelain kiln specimens workshop; Song Dynasty kiln workshop exhibition hall project, to show the Song Dynasty porcelain production process; kiln Temple project, fully embodies the song and Jin Dynasties Dangyangyu the people's cultural life, worship God kiln traditional cultural activities in order to reproduce the porcelain kiln porcelain craftsman; square project, allowing visitors to experience the process of manual kiln; the museum will also set up the porcelain research and Dangyangyu kiln research center.

  Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient residential Museum and the Museum of modern urban construction project in the south to North Water Diversion landscape, with a total area of 10 thousand square meters, construction area of 4000 square meters. The modern city building museum mainly by modern British buildings, including the construction and relocation of the city built by the construction of the Central Plains on 1918 in the British construction, built in 1909 and the same period of British architecture student Lu original city Housing Authority hospital of the British construction etc.. In accordance with the cultural relics department plan, the city of Jiaozuo will focus on the British architecture, the formation of modern urban construction museum. The Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient residence Museum mainly concentrated in the south of Jiaozuo city section of the main canal in the Ming and Qing Dynasties residential buildings. 10 Qing Dynasty architecture including the site is located in Jiefang District Wang Chu Chu village street west, the former residence of Wang Languang and the 2 seat courtyard houses under construction in Qing dynasty. At the same time the harmony Temple Scenic Area Administration of planning and construction of Buddhist art gallery and Museum of Chinese culture. The Buddhist art gallery to showcase Buddhist statues, Buddhist dharma, calligraphy and painting, sculpture and other Buddhist cultural relics. The Chinese culture museum is carrying hanxiandi Shanyang as the theme of the Museum of history and culture, the main show to hanxiandi as the main line at the end of the Chinese farming culture, Han culture at the end of the glorious return.



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