Shennong mountain

  Shennong mountain (5A), the national AAAAA level scenic area, located in Qinyang city of Henan province Zi Ling Zhen Zhao Zhai Cun, Jincheng City, at the junction with the Shan Zhen Di he Cun, Shennong mountain scenic area of 102 square kilometers, the world's first World Geological Park, the world natural Fund Class A priority to the protection of national region, national macaque key scenic spots, nature reserve, Chinese photographers creation base, Buddha culture is famous, Chinese first media city tourism alliance held the first China scenic tourism brand "elected" in 2011 Chinese Billboard's most powerful scenic spots". Legend, the crops here, Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, set up the altar of heaven, hence the name Shennong mountain.


  23 kilometers northwest of the Taihang Mountains, a total of eight scenic spots of the 136. The main peak of 1028 meters above sea level, standing in the middle of the sea, the momentum of the magnificent, the greater than the early days of the Taishan Tianmen 154 years. Here was the Shennong Valley on the altar of heaven, tasted a hundred herbs,. Is the founder of Taoism Lao Tzu furnacebuilding, Daoxian rise of alchemy.

  Shennong mountain beautiful natural scenery. The main peak of 1028 meters above sea level, standing in the middle of the sea, the momentum of vigorous. Across more than 16000 strains of rare tree species Linsong Long White Pine Ridge, nine peak ridge, which is like a dragon mountain, geological experts described as "the the Great Wall". Shennong mountain vegetation coverage of up to 90%, known as the "natural oxygen bar". There are 1912 kinds of plants, more than 300 kinds of rare medicinal herbs, has been a "Shennonggu walk, sick and died their elimination" saying; Shennong mountain animal species, there are more than 260 species of terrestrial vertebrates, which is the largest number of countries of two kinds of rare wild animal protection Macaca mulatta tcheliensis, CO there are more than 3000, belong to 9 groups of rhesus monkeys, they are like the 9 tribes of the mountains, or in the cliff walls between jumping and playing or play with tourists. More than 15600 strains of Pinus bungeana styles, growth in the vast cliff ridge top, the beautiful landscape of the tree buckling, deep Aoshen show, when most of the country.


  January 2016, was awarded the Henan provincial scenic quality assessment committee criticized and rectification deadline.

  Shennong mountain cultural heritage. In ancient times, Shennong altar set up in heaven; the female Taoist Wei Hua the monastic writings 42 years, known as "one of the four mumbo-jumbo" "Huang Ting Jing", and the creation of Taoism Shangqing; Wei Zen monks dug this thick Taipingsi cliff, the construction of the Yunyang temple, Linchuan temple, Taiping Jian Mu temple and the temple; standing in the mountains between the Tianmen Tianmen than a Taishan 154 years earlier. Han Yu, Li Shangyin and other masters have left a lot of masterpieces. Shennong mountain is also a blessing and prayer for wealth, Qiyun shrine, tourists "worship Shennong, Business Flourishes, two worship Shennong, produce good harvests; all of all consumers, safe life; three worship Shennong, Xinxiangshicheng, have a successful official career".


  In 1940, commander Zhu De from Shanxi to Luoyang via negotiation Shennong mountain, is a spectacular view of the infection, saying, "a poem:" Taihang "Taihang peaks rise steeply, at the the Yellow River natural barrier; cross-strait beacon fire red, when the trip could comfort with hatred". Zhang Siqing, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee to visit the scenic spot after the inscription inscription, Shen Nong pine pine, Kyushu a spectacle"!

  Legendary emperor shennong. Due to the fire king, called yan. After Nuwa, the Lord of the world, the legend is the inventor of agriculture and medicine. And create the five strings, start the wax offering and the market. Since then, China has entered the agrarian society. Which is a legend Shennong Shennong altar, the altar of heaven, tasted all herbs.


Entrance fee and internal transportation fee:Ticket is 80 yuan per person.

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