Qing Tianhe

  Blue River scenic spot is located in Henan City, Jiaozuo Province, the county, the scenic area is the world geological park, the national 5A class tourist area, the national scenic area, the National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, the national macaque nature reserve. Scenic area of 106 square kilometers, from the courtyard view, big spring lake, sanguquan, Guanyin gorge, Buddha Xia, Jin Jia Ling, the temple seven tourist areas, 308 scenic spots.


  Qingtian River "mountain" of both the north and South compatible, male risk potential, and in special soft state; Qingtian River "water" heaven, here are three steps a spring, five step waterfall, around the Castle Peak green water, green trees cover the temple.

  Here is the one and only world natural wonders of the world and the Great Wall partridge lay eggs; "the first Chinese Spring sanguquan and the spring to form a 7.5 kilometer big spring lake. 70 million years ago the only recorded the world rare natural Buddha body, there are Chinese most early man Kwan Yin statue and dating back in 1500, the Northern Wei Dynasty and the Northern Wei Dynasty, ancient inscriptions of alchemy, and Shaolin Temple, the world famous Qing emperor Qian Long had three times to worship the Millennium Temple Temple is the largest area of Yueshan, China one hundred thousand acres of forest leaves, red spot Jin Jia Ling, is a cloud drift, indistinct air and pleasant natural oxygen bar and forest park.

  Qingtian river landscape Sau, the ancient Dan Tao Guanyin efficacious and beautiful. When you stroll in the Qingtian River, both in the Taiwan spirit worship Guanyin Buddha, or take a tour of heart in the Buddha gorge, or in the depths of bamboo for the master Yueshan Temple Zen enlightenment, can pure soul, essence of life taste, experience different artistic conception.


Entrance fee and internal transportation fee:Tickets 60 yuan / person, tickets 30 yuan / person

Cableway:Cableway whole 50 yuan / person, single 30 yuan / person, single 25 yuan / person